How to Build a High Performance Culture as a Nonprofit Leader (Recording)

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How to Build a High Performance Culture as a Nonprofit Leader (Recording)

How to Build a High-Performance Culture as a Nonprofit Leader 

Many nonprofits have historically operated as “top-down” hierarchies in which power and authority are consolidated at the top. Staff are expected to adhere to the policies and implement the decisions made for them by management. However, the beliefs, attitudes and values that support these organizational structures, are outmoded and no longer effective. 

This CharityHowto Webinar recording will be a short-shot, fast-paced, and highly relevant 90-minute session where you will learn the step-by-step process required to develop a High-Performance Organization. 

Today’s dynamic nonprofit environment requires that organizations become enlightened and more responsive to the needs of their staff, volunteers, and those they serve. 

Management can no longer monopolize control in the traditional sense, and employees cannot be viewed as instruments of management, or performance problems will predictably occur. 

Instead, if a nonprofit expects to be successful it will require a commitment to developing a high-performing culture that fosters staff dedication and this should be driven by the leadership. They must help create an environment within the organization where each employee is seen as a vital member of the team or it will never fully meet its mission, satisfy staff and clients, or achieve its desired outcomes.   

During This Webinar Recording, You Will Learn:

  • How to tell the difference between a bureaucratic culture and an enlightened culture
  • How to identify the impact of culture on staff motivation, performance, satisfaction and retention
  • How to distinguish the key ingredients of an enlightened, high-performance organization 
  • How to define leadership’s role in creating and leading a motivated and committed workforce
  • How to recognize the four key components needed to build a top-performing team in the context of a high-performance nonprofit.
  • How to apply specific strategies to significantly increase staff commitment by leveraging the differences within a multi-generational workforce.

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Self-administered, detailed Organizational Readiness Review
  2. Culture of Philanthropy Checklist 
  3. Board Responsibilities Checklist
  4. The Webinar Slides 

About Your Topic Expert:

Dr. Curtis is specifically qualified to teach this webinar recording because:

  1. He has consulted with hundreds of nonprofits to help them assess their current stage of development and then create strategies to successfully reach their next level of organizational maturity.
  2. He is a trained expert in Systems Theory as the basis to help nonprofits fortify their structure, leadership, processes, and staff to magnify the relevancy of their mission while building donor confidence.
  3. He has guided numerous nonprofits through the step-by-step process necessary to create a blueprint of intention development for starting and sustaining large-scale operational change that results in a higher-performing organization.
  4. He can demonstrate specific strategies that enhance focus, direction, and momentum to ensure that nonprofits set stretched targets, achieve desired outcomes, and reach financial sustainability.
  5. He has personally guided organizations, showing their leadership how to do capacity building that results in high-performing organizations that attract greater donor investments. 

Dr. John Curtis has a proven track record of over 25 years bringing sound organizational principles and leadership practices to hundreds of nonprofits nationwide. As an experienced leader of numerous nonprofit capacity-building projects, he is able to create a positive learning environment based on real-world experience and conducive to productive training. 

He brings to nonprofits a unique perspective on the way people solve problems, build commitment, manage change, and development organizational performance. He regularly teaches Board Development, Strategic Planning, Change Management, and Donor-Driven Fundraising for the Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership at Rollins College in Florida and the Duke Nonprofit Management Program in North Carolina and Virginia. 

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