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How to Start a Successful Twitter Program for Your Nonprofit!

Price: 87.00
Author: John Haydon
Duration: 90 Minutes
Course Level: Beginner
Year Created: 2018
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A Whopping 97% of the Attendees Rated This Webinar Great to Excellent

Since it's inception, Twitter has been the go-to platform for social change, community engagement, and online fundraising.  Twitter empowered Giving Tuesday, the largest social media fundraising campaign in the world!

Large and small nonprofits are using Twitter to achieve their communications goals. Goals such as increasing brand awareness, building influencer networks, and better serving their donors and volunteers.

But Twitter isn't that easy to understand for the beginner. Retweets and Hashtags seem like a foreign language, not to mention knowing how to reply properly when supporters (or haters) reply to your tweets.

What are the best ways to build an influencer network? What are the best ways to increase engagement and authority throughout your Twitter network? These questions and more will be answered.

In this live interactive webinar, you will learn:

  • What is Twitter and why it matters to nonprofits? 
  • Examples of successful small and medium-size nonprofits who use Twitter
  • How to define clear objectives for Twitter
  • How to create a Twitter profile that people will want to follow
  • How to find and engage influencers who already love your cause
  • How to craft tweets that drive traffic and get retweeted
  • How to attract your first 1,000 followers 
  • How to create your first successful Twitter chat for your nonprofit
  • How to Create Twitter cards for your website
  • Ten time-saving tips for nonprofits
  • Ten time-saving tools for nonprofits

The following bonus tutorials are included:

  1. How to create a Twitter profile that gets noticed
  2. How to automatically record all of your tweets in a spreadsheet
  3. How to get started with Buffer - Time-saving tips and tricks
  4. Twitter Jumpstart Daily and Weekly Chores (Downloadable Worksheet)


What Attendees Said about This Webinar

“Excellent webinar - good basics but also did a great job of helping us understand the more complex parts of Twitter”

Carolyn Sheridan, AgriSafe Network

“John Haydon has mastered how to create a webinar that is not just informative, but also engaging. He explains ideas so eloquently that further explanation is not needed.  If I see Mr. Haydon is releasing a new webinar, it's an automatic buy! Thank you!”
Cassaundra Conant, Scleroderma Foundation

“Very Knowledgeable.  Knows this stuff.  Great tips to get started.”
 Nancy Furmanski, Habitat for Humanity

“The presentation, examples, and tools were very helpful. With what I learned today, my organization will have confidence starting a Twitter page and knowing what they need to do to grow it.”
Timothy Ehli, LB Homes

“This webinar was a great introduction for someone who has never used Twitter before. It made me feel very comfortable with using Twitter.” 
Tahja Gaymon, Big Brothers Big Sisters

“This was very useful in helping my nonprofit keep current with social media tools!”
Sandra Scott, Boy Scouts Of America

“This webinar was excellent for the savvy marketer AND the novice getting started on Twitter.  Thanks for the comprehensive content!”
Margaret Tatich, Children´s Home

“This webinar was specific and while it kept moving, it also kept a good pace for people taking notes and interacting with the speaker through questions. Valuable content for both beginners and more advanced twitter users. Thank you so much.  Highly recommend."

Michelle Lievense

About John Haydon:

John Haydon is one of the most sought-after nonprofit digital marketing experts, with a sincere passion for changing the world. He has spoken at the Nonprofit Technology Conference, New England Federation of Human Societies, New Media Expo, BBCon, Social Media 4 Nonprofits, AFP New Jersey, and several others. 

John is also the author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies and Facebook Marketing All-In-One (Wiley) and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, and Social Media Today.

If You Register and Cannot Attend, You Will Get the Webinar Recording, Slides, and Bonus Materials

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