Texting and SMS for Nonprofits: How to Train Your Staff and Volunteers With Texting (Recording)

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Texting and SMS for Nonprofits: How to Train Your Staff and Volunteers With Texting (Recording)

Texting and SMS for Nonprofits: How to Train Your Staff and Volunteers With Texting

Join us for this 90-minute nonprofit webinar recording where we will show you step by step how to create and implement a micro-learning training curriculum completely through text messaging. This learning through text can be used to train staff, board members and volunteers within your organization. At the end of this 90-minute webinar recording, you will have the knowledge and tools to implement a training curriculum through text message in your nonprofit organization.

Training directors across the nonprofit community are all faced with the same issues. There is not enough time, space or money to train as they would like. How do you engage learners across generations? Is there a method that is more efficient? How can you get industry experts to train your staff without blowing your budget? What happens when there is an unexpected training need or crisis?

During This Nonprofit Recorded Webinar You Will Learn:

  • How to evaluate changing communication and training trends
  • How to understand the benefits of mobile technology
  • How to engage your staff, volunteers and board through mobile technology.
  • How to understand how use of mobile technology overcomes common challenges of training in nonprofit organizations. 
  • How to assess if training through text makes sense for your organization
  • How to implement micro-learning in your organization step-by-step
  • How to Find or Create Micro Learning Content
  • How to use micro-learning for crisis communications
  • How to ensure your micro-learning platform meets the branding requirements for your organization
  • How to develop and film brief but engaging training videos for micro-learning
  • How to start a YouTube channel to serve as a video host platform for training content
  • How to create a library of micro-learning training resources on your website
  • How to reuse micro-learning content for organizational marketing and fundraising purposes

This Webinar Recording is Perfect for You If…

  • You are looking to innovate training of staff, board or volunteers
  • Your in-person training sessions are temporarily moving to virtual or are poorly attended due to varying schedules
  • You are looking to engage staff or volunteers from different generations
  • You want to implement “just in time” training for your organization
  • Your organization is limited by physical training space

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Step by step Micro-Learning implementation guide
  2. A One-Page Micro-Learning Curriculum Guide
  3. Vendor Checklist: Where to start with your micro-learning curriculum
  4. How to Create Brand Guidelines and Sample Template
  5. The Webinar Recording & Slides

About Your Topic Experts:

Ann Marie and Alli are specifically qualified to teach this webinar recording because:

  1. Ann Marie pioneered the use of text messaging for training in nonprofits.
  2. Ann Marie created curriculum and Alli facilitated the creation of content that engages Boomers to Gen Z.
  3. Ann Marie has extensive experience in instructional design in the nonprofit sector.
  4. Alli understands communications best practices and how they can be applied to training.
  5. As a Training Director, Ann Marie understands firsthand the challenges of training in a nonprofit setting.

Ann Marie Ronsman is a pioneer and evangelist for use of microlearning through text in nonprofit organizations of all sizes. She has served the nonprofit community through roles in leadership, curriculum development and training in healthcare, higher education and child welfare settings for over 20 years. She is known for her outside the box thinking on training within the nonprofit community. She has expertise in developing engaging microlearning strategies which are effective from Boomers to Gen Z. She is the Training Director at CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County. She is also a Registered Nurse as well as a Trust Based Relational Intervention Practitioner and content expert for the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development.  She founded her own training and consulting company, Mustard Seed Communications through trains individuals and nonprofit organizations in educational design and implementation of trauma informed practices.  

Alli Stephens is a nonprofit communications specialist and has piloted the development of successful marketing strategies and organizational development plans. She has been an influencer in the nonprofit arena for more than 17 years with a unique concentration on crisis communications. Although her primary role is driving development and volunteer recruitment through public relations and marketing campaigns, Alli has become distinctly involved in advancing training communications.

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“This was one of the most engaging webinars I've been on.  The presenters were very knowledgeable and it was clear that they love the platform and they want us all to succeed with it.  I can't wait to bring the text to learn concepts to our organization - there are so many possibilities.”

Laura Cordes, Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence

“The information and materials in this webinar will be very helpful to me as I begin to build out a texting platform for our organization.”  

Connie Sorman, Children's Tumor Foundation

“This was very timely and informative. The instructors were very organized and easy to understand. I now understand why I would want to use this medium for training and how to get started.”  

Laura Lee Williard, Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

“Very well done!  Friendly presenters, great use of video learning, convenient to use from a distance.”

Sarah Halstead, Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

“Great info, Great presentation!”

Lori Ruzich

“Great organization of presented material and explanation of goals, criteria and helpful information. Ann Marie and Alli were very engaging and easy to listen to.  
Thank you for presenting how to train by texting!”

Ann Stoddard, Pathways of Hope

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