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Stop Losing Donors: How to Create an Annual Donor Stewardship Plan (Instant Access-Webinar Video)

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99% of the Attendees Rated This Webinar Great to Excellent

Do you ever feel like you’re on a fundraising treadmill? Or get tired of finding new donors only to lose them before they make a second gift? You’re not alone. 

On average, nonprofits lose 7 out 10 first-time donors. That’s the bad news. So what’s the good news? You can fix it. If you want to buck the trend and keep more donors, you need an easy-to-follow stewardship plan. And you need it now. 

If you’re ready to build longer-lasting relationships with your donors, then don’t miss this instant access-webinar video taught by fundraising coach and donor relations expert Shanon Doolittle. You’ll learn how to create a stewardship plan for your nonprofit that will get your donors excited about making additional gifts. 

During this Instant Access-Webinar Video you’ll learn:

  • How stewardship helps you raise more money
  • How to calculate and analyze your donor retention rate
  • How donors want to be acknowledged after making a gift
  • How to create a simple and effective donor stewardship plan
  • How to add more surprise and delight to stewardship activities
  • How to involve your board, staff and volunteers in donor stewardship

This Instant Access-Webinar Video also includes the following bonus materials:

  1. Sample Annual Stewardship Plan
  2. Sample Thank You Letters
  3. Sample Thank You Call Script
  4. 10 Ways to Keep Your Donors Happy Handout

Presented by Shanon Doolittle, an internationally recognized fundraising coach and donor relations expert. Her unique, mission-driven fundraising campaigns and stewardship programs have raised tens of millions for nonprofits of all sizes. An energetic and inspirational fundraiser with over ten years of experience, she loves sharing the know-how nonprofits need to help them build donor-centered, high-margin fundraising programs. Shanon can be seen regularly on Movie Mondays, a popular online video series for fundraising professionals. And when she’s not up to her do-gooding ways, you can find her chasing around her two young boys, reading a good book or shopping for thank you cards.

99% of the Attendees Rated This Webinar Great to Excellent