New! Improve Your Fundraising With Feedback: How to Create a Donor Survey

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Pop quiz. What programs are your donors most passionate about? What motivates them to give to you? How happy are they with their donor experience?
If you “don’t know”, then this webinar is for you. Why? Because your fundraising success depends on knowing these answers. And you can only get them by surveying your donors.
Surveys are an amazing tool to better understand your donors’ preferences, values, and priorities. And that information is priceless. With it, you can write better appeals, tailor donor stewardship strategies, improve social media engagement, and so much more.
Not sure how to do a survey? You will after this webinar! From crafting questions to delivery method,  Shanon will cover it all so you’re ready to create and send a donor survey right away.
What you’ll learn:
·      The tangible benefits of doing surveys
·      How to craft and select the best survey questions
·      Whether to send a survey electronically or by mail 
·      How to communicate survey results to donors
·      How to use survey data to improve your fundraising program
This webinar also includes the following bonus materials:  
1.     Sample Donor Survey
2.     Sample Survey Questions
3.     Donor Survey Resource Guide
4.     The webinar recording 

Presented by Shanon Doolittle, an internationally recognized fundraising coach and donor relations expert. Her unique, mission-driven fundraising campaigns and stewardship programs have raised tens of millions for nonprofits of all sizes. An energetic and inspirational fundraiser with over ten years of experience, Shanon loves sharing the know-how nonprofits need to help them build donor-centered, high-margin fundraising programs. She can be seen regularly on Movie Mondays, a popular online video series for fundraising professionals. And when she’s not up to her do-gooding ways, you can find her chasing around her two young boys, reading a good book or shopping for thank you cards. 

Sorry, there are no upcoming live presentations scheduled yet.
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