How to Use (Not Create) Dashboards to Dazzle and Engage Your Board and Staff

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How to Use (Not Create) Dashboards to Dazzle and Engage Your Board and Staff

** This webinar is about how to use dashboards; it's not about how to create them. **

Is it a struggle to get board members to say: "Yes! I'll help with donor engagement tasks?"

Do board members and staff look away when you ask for help at meetings?

Do you watch their eyes cross when the board reviews financial spreadsheets and donor lists?

One of the most powerful ways to build an energetic and helpful team is to create a clear picture for them, so they can easily see what needs to be done.

Lori will show you how to use visual displays that turn numbers and lists into interesting, fun, and even dazzling dashboards that will cause your team to take action.

This webinar is NOT about what kind of software you're using or the computer you have.

This webinar IS about what sorts of dashboards make sense for different groups of people. You will see samples of dashboards that work and some that don't. The goal of this session is to get you thinking outside the box with how you visually report critical information in new ways.

What will be covered in this Interactive Webinar: 

  • What are dashboards & what should they do?
  • Common mistakes designing graphs and dashboards
  • Categories of nonprofit dashboards
  • Using dashboards to cause others to take action
  • Sample financial dashboards
  • Displays that are called dashboards but aren't
  • What to include in a dashboard

Bonus Materials:

  1. Checklist for creating a good dashboard.
  2. List of topics or metrics that are best seen in a dashboard.
  3. A link to YouTube training video to learn donor retention/acquisition calculation
  4. Excel spreadsheet template to create donor retention/acquisition graph
  5. Dazzling Dashboard Worksheet
  6. Samples of good and not so good dashboards.
  7. The webinar recording from the webinar you attended

** Please note this webinar is not about how to create dashboards with Excel or other software. **
** This webinar is about how to use dashboards; it's not about how to create them. **

Presented by Lori L. Jacobwith. 
Lori L. Jacobwith is a nationally-recognized master storyteller and culture change expert with a passion for the positive. With more than 25 years’ experience, her strategies and coaching have helped nonprofit organizations raise $250 million dollars from individual donors. And counting. Lori has been recognized as one of the top 40 most effective fundraising consultants in the U.S. Grounded in her experience as both a former nonprofit executive director and development director, Lori has honed her vast expertise into actionable, creative and successful tools to teach staff and board members to powerfully share people and money stories to ignite action and raise more money. Her one-of-a-kind approach is used by thousands of people across North America. In addition to her must-read blog, Lori is also the author of Nine Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign and the co-author of The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits. In response to overwhelming demand for innovative tools, Lori created the Imagine What’s Possible Step-by-Step Storytelling System to help catapult nonprofits to unbelievable levels of fundraising effectiveness. In addition to her passion for fundraising, Lori has attended her native Minnesota State Fair---a favorite summer activity---for more than 50 consecutive years.

Sorry, there are no upcoming live presentations scheduled yet.
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