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How to be Exceptionally Grant Ready: A Step by Step Guide (Instant-Access Webinar Video)

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Author: Diane Leonard, GPC
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This course is brought to you by a GPA approved trainer. Diane H. Leonard, GPC is one of only twelve GPA approved trainers in the country.

We are all “grant ready” as grant seeking organizations…ready to *want* grant revenue as part of the operating budget for the year. The real question is if your organization is “grant ready” to be a strong funding partner and grantee for each new potential grant maker you approach.

Even if you have a grant seeking strategy in place that you have been following, conducting an annual “check-up” of your grant readiness is key to ensure you maintain your competitiveness in your applications.

Presenter, Diane H. Leonard, has secured more than $33 million in competitive grant awards in the past ten years. Focusing on grant readiness in each organization for each grant is a key to the long-term grant seeking success experienced by her clients.

“How to Be Exceptionally Grant Ready: A Step-By-Step Guide” will provide you with your own strategy to apply to your organization to ensure that you begin the year with a strong grant seeking system in place. In this instant-acces webinar video, you will learn what policies, procedures, and practices you need to have in place in order to be grant ready for the upcoming year. You will also learn how to decide if your organization will be competitive in an application cycle so you can focus your organization’s energy and resources on those applications where you stand the strongest chance for success.

What You Will Learn from this Instant-Access Webinar Video

  • How to be an exceptionally “grant ready” grant seeking organization overall

  • How to be a “grant ready” potential federal grantee

  • How to be a “grant ready” potential state grantee

  • How to be a “grant ready” potential foundation grantee

  • How to create a proactive grant seeking strategy

  • How to judge if your organization will be competitive in an application cycle

  • How to assess your growing or shifting capacity as your grant seeking strategy grows

This Webinar is Perfect For You If…

  • You are new or relatively new to the field of grant seeking

  • You are working to be more proactive in your grant seeking

  • You are considering expanding your organization’s grant revenue through a new type of grant funder relationship (i.e. federal versus private)

  • You are looking to increase your organization’s success percentage and craft more competitive grant applications

This Webinar Includes the Following Supporting Materials

1.  An organizational capacity grant readiness assessment tool and checklist

2. An organizational grant readiness annual check-up tool

What Attendees Said about This Webinar

“Great list of "homework" given during the presentation to ensure our success!”
Renee Beaman, Aka Sport

“Strong overview on grant readiness that points a non-profit in the direction to sustainability and stability.”
Susan Larson, College Admission Made Possible

“This was really helpful in building my knowledge base and also clarifying what I already knew about grant seeking.”
Joseph Shahadi, The Art of Brooklyn

“This webinar on grant readiness was extremely helpful! It is something that is always needed for nonprofits to stay ahead of the curve in grants, make sure that you are proactive, and taking the steps to stay proactive.”
Katie Verkruyse, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis

Presented by Grant Writing Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC

Diane H. Leonard, GPC is an experienced and highly respected grant professional who has provided grant development counsel to nonprofit organizations of varying size and scope for more than a decade.

Diane has secured more than $33 million dollars since founding DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services in 2006 in competitive grant funds for its clients from the federal government, state and local governments, and private foundations.

Diane is an active member of the Grant Professionals Association and is proud to have earned her Grant Professional Certification, a credentialed certification conferred by the Grant Professional Credential Institute. Diane is also an approved trainer through the Grant Professionals Association.



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This product is no longer available, sorry for the inconvenience!