How to Attract and Partner with Corporate Sponsors for Your Nonprofit: a Step by Step Guide (Recording)

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How to Attract and Partner with Corporate Sponsors for Your Nonprofit: a Step by Step Guide (Recording)
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How to Attract and Partner with Corporate Sponsors for Your Nonprofit: a Step by Step Guide

A corporate sponsor can propel your nonprofit to the next level. But you need to select the right partner. Or, more precisely, get them to select you! Join us for this 90-minute recorded webinar on how to attract and partner with the right corporate sponsorships for nonprofits.

Virtually every for-profit company, big or small, wants to enhance its reputation by supporting a good cause. Whether supporting a little league baseball team or running a global campaign about world hunger, “cause marketing” is how companies tie their business activities with the world of nonprofits. 

As a nonprofit organization, you can benefit tremendously from the support of a corporate sponsor. The right joint program could increase your revenues, raise your profile, build capabilities, and increase the reach of your good charitable work. Companies invest in these programs because it makes them more successful while helping support a cause. Done properly, cause marketing programs create a win-win-win scenario for everyone involved.

In this recorded webinar, you will learn how companies set up cause marketing programs so you can understand their point-of-view and determine where best to involve your nonprofit. By knowing their process of finding a nonprofit partner, you’ll be in a much better position to steer them your way. The key is to get your nonprofit on their “cause marketing radar” and convince them why you’re the best choice. Join this nonprofit training course to learn how to ask for non profit sponsorship and get the corporate sponsors for your nonprofit!

Drew Boyd is global keynote speaker on creativity, persuasion, and marketing strategy. During his 30 year career in industry, he has formed many strategic alliances, global joint ventures, and nonprofit sponsorships in the areas of healthcare and transportation. He is an associate professor of marketing and innovation at the University of Cincinnati, and he teaches a wide range of courses including “Marketing for Social Change.”  

During This Nonprofit Webinar Recording You Will Learn:

  • How your nonprofit can benefit from partnering with a corporation
  • How for-profit companies create “cause marketing” programs 
  • How for-profit companies identify and select a nonprofit partner
  • How your nonprofit can attract attention from a potential sponsor
  • How to develop your pitch statement to a potential sponsor
  • How to set up the right partnership programs with a corporate sponsor
  • How to promote the partnership through digital and traditional channels

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. The Cause Marketing Blueprint
  2. Five Types of Cause Marketing Programs
  3. Attribute Value Mapping Template
  4. The Webinar Slides 

About Your Topic Expert:

Drew Boyd is co-author of Inside the Box: A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results (2013) and author of Adding Prestige to Your Portfolio: How to Use the Creative Luxury Process to Develop Products Everyone Wants (2021). 

He is a recognized authority, thought leader, educator, podcaster, and practitioner in the fields of innovation, persuasion, and marketing strategy. He is associate professor of marketing and innovation at the University of Cincinnati. 

Drew retired from Johnson & Johnson in 2010 after a seventeen year career in marketing, mergers & acquisitions, and international development. He founded and directed J&J's acclaimed Marketing Mastery Program, an internal “marketing university” benchmarked by companies such as GE, P&G, Kraft, and Merck. Drew’s focus was on raising competencies in the areas of strategic marketing, product innovation, and principles of persuasion. Of particular focus was teaching employees how to systematically invent new medical products and integrate the inventions into long-range strategic plans. Drew is an inventor himself, earning his first patent for a device that makes spine surgery easier. He holds seven patents in total.

Drew is a former Trustee of the Marketing Science Institute, a member of the Product Development & Management Association, American Marketing Association, National Speakers Association, and an affiliate of the Global Executive Learning Network.

Drew graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1976 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Management Science and Operations Research. He earned an MBA from the University of Chicago graduating with High Honors. 

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar: 

“This webinar was interactive and provided relevant examples that helped illustrate how cause marketing works. It's very helpful to see these examples, as they can inspire ideas for other organizations!”

Mark Puskarich, Equality Florida

“This was one of the most useful webinars I have ever taken. Thank you.”

Sarah Poletto, The Blue Rose Foundation

“Drew's presentation on cause marketing for sponsorships was spot on!   Comprehensive in scope and applicable for our desire to increase meaningful partnerships moving forward.  Bravo!

Gregory Carroll, Youth Symphony of Kansas City.

“It was great! Provides a checklist to apply to sponsor partnerships & outreach.”

Beau Blanchard, The California Film Institute (CFI)

“Drew was very knowledgeable and helpful to a subject that we are currently trying to navigate!”

Madison Maves, American Legion Auxiliary

“Drew was extremely knowledgeable on this topic and provided actionable advice for nonprofits to secure meaningful corporate partnerships.”

Rachel Ornstein, The Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC)

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