How Do You Measure Up? Your How-To Guide to Success Using Fundraising Metrics (Recording)

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A Whopping 90% of the People Who Attended This Webinar Recording Rated It As Great to Excellent!

In the rush of the day-to-day at your nonprofit, it’s hard to make time to reflect and assess your performance against your goals. But how will you know how you’re doing without evaluating your performance using metrics?

With the advent of the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Fundraising Effectiveness Project, research is proving that organizations measuring and analyzing their fundraising efforts will thrive. Organizations that don’t will not be as competitive, because they will lack vital data to make informed decisions.

The measurement of key performance indicators in fundraising has become a best practice, and you don’t want your organization to fall behind. Be a data-driven organization, know your fundraising health, and measure the work you do every day. If you have a spreadsheet and can do simple math, you can use fundraising metrics to improve your operations and help your organization grow.

You can do it! Join Heather in this webinar to learn how to measure and use the Top 10 Key Performance Indicators in fundraising. By the end of the session, you will have the tools you need to measure your fundraising metrics and know how use metrics to improve your fundraising success over time.

What we will cover during this webinar recording:

  • The top 10 Key Performance Indicators in fundraising

    • What they are and why they are important

    • How to track them

    • How to calculate your performance metrics

    • Examples of each Key Performance Indicator in practice

  • How to measure and report on fundraising performance over time

  • How to use the tools of the Fundraising Effectiveness Project to benchmark your fundraising results against national results

  • How to improve your fundraising efforts using metrics

Key Benefits of this Webinar Recording:

  • You will learn how to determine which fundraising metrics really matter and which are most important to your organization.

  • You will learn how to calculate critical fundraising metrics.

  • You will know how to evaluate your fundraising success over time using metrics.

  • You will know how to use the reports and tools of the Fundraising Effectiveness Project to benchmark your results against others.

  • You will know how to report effectively on your fundraising performance to leadership.

Bonus Materials:

  1. Fundraising Metrics Cheat Sheet

  2. Simplified Fundraising Metrics Tracking Spreadsheet

  3. Summary of Fundraising Effectiveness Project Reports

  4. Summary and Example of Fundraising Effectiveness Project Tools

  5. Example Fundraising Metrics Data Visualization

  6. Webinar slides

What Attendees Said about This Webinar Recording:

“I am new to development and this webinar was filled with great information that will help me in my professional”

Brittany Rascoe, Junior Achievement USA

“I will save more in time ($) from what I learned in this webinar than I spent to take it! I learned so many practical, useable tips and tricks. We have a board meeting THIS Saturday. So much of what I learned will be used!”

Stephanie Henke, Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals

“The webinar provided clear explanations and concrete examples of 10 fundraising KPIs with matching tools and downloads that I can use in my work.  An excellent use of 90 minutes. Thank you!”

Laura Hoover, Working Solutions

“Excellent way to keep our board of directors engaged in the mission and help with fundraising”

Jose Maldonado, Celebrate Life

“Just the right amount of information presented in an accessible way. I can do this!”

Lisa Whetzel,Britepaths

“Very valuable webinar!”

Steven Stutz

“This was the #1 most useful webinar I have ever participated in. Professional from the registration process throughout every step of the webinar. Heather explain each step with clarity and just enough detail (not too much!!)”

Richard Capotosto, 70x7 Life Recovery

“Fundraising Metrics was BY FAR the best use of my time to decide which metrics I can use to make management decisions about our fundraising program!”

Julie Cordero, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin

“Simple, straightforward, and doable.  Most concerned about creating effective visuals to display data over time.”

Harold Brown, NAMI Santa Clara County

About Your Topic Expert:

Heather is a nonprofit expert with 18 years of experience in leadership, program development, marketing, and fundraising. She is the founder of JustWrite Solutions, a national nonprofit consulting firm. Heather is one of fewer than 400 Grant Professionals Certified (GPC) in the United States and one of less than 50 professionals in the world who holds both the GPC and CFRE certifications. She has secured more than $80 million for nonprofits across the country.

Heather has served as an author and presenter for The Balance (formerly’s Nonprofit Charitable Orgs section), CharityChannel, CharityHowTo, CD Publications, HUB Philanthropic Solutions, and Thompson Interactive. She presents nearly every month at workshops and conferences around the country. As an active member of the Grant Professionals Association, Heather serves is a regular regional and national conference presenter and a GPA Approved Trainer. She is also the founder of the Great Lakes Virtual Chapter of the GPA, the first virtual chapter in the country.

Heather lives in rural Ohio with her husband and their two ginger-haired children. Together they raise a flock of poultry and harvest bushels of vegetables and herbs on a mini-farm. In her spare time, Heather reads science fiction, researches her genetic and genealogical histories, and marathon-watches documentaries. She also knows how to juggle fire.

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