Fund a dream: A Step by Step Guide to Your Next Campaign Feasibility Assessment (Recording)

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The campaign feasibility assessment is a powerful tool in nonprofit fundraising. The process helps you assess the potential success of the campaign before you invest time and resources--human and financial--into a new fundraising campaign.

However, smaller organizations may be anxious about hiring a consultant to implement the assessment because of the cost. So, can a small nonprofit implement an effective feasibility assessment on its own?The simple answer is yes!

In this webinar recording, you will learn how to plan for success by engaging with your stakeholders, how to develop and use tools that yield reliable results, and how to analyze the results to guide your next steps in the fundraising campaign.

By the end of the webinar recording, you will have the confidence and tools to implement a campaign feasibility assessment for your next fundraising campaign.

What we will cover during the webinar recording:

  • The 7 major phases of the campaign feasibility assessment

  • Tips to engage board, staff, and volunteers meaningfully in the process

  • The elements of a successful feasibility Case for Support

  • How to select potential interviewees or survey respondents

  • Questions to include in interviews or surveys

  • Analyzing the results of the assessment

Key Benefits of this Webinar Recording:

  • You will learn how to implement each of the seven steps of a campaign feasibility assessment.

  • You will learn how to build a team of staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders who will guide and inform the process.

  • You will know how to have the confidence to conduct successful interviews to gather information for your campaign.

  • You will know how to analyze the results of the interviews and/or surveys.

  • You will know how to infer and use the results of the assessment to your next fundraising campaign as successful as possible.

Bonus Materials:

  1. Campaign Feasibility Assessment Step by Step Guide

  2. Are You Ready? Campaign Feasibility Assessment

  3. Sample Feasibility Assessment Interview Tool

  4. Case for Support Outline

  5. Webinar slides


What Attendees Said about This Webinar Recording:

“Webinar was very informative and detailed. Presenter was very engaging and knowledgeable”

Tom Talbot, Community Mental Health Center

“Heather Stombaugh was an engaging presenter with presence and personality that made it easy to pay attention for 90 minutes.  She had a firm grasp of knowledge and made it worth the money spent, as well as the time spent growing capacity. Thank you!”

Tabatha Wilbert, Metanoia

“My organization is undertaking our first major campaign. We have heard about the need for a feasibility study, but none of us knew why it is important and where to start. I'm now much clearer and feel ready to get started.”

Mark Welther, Redwood Forest Foundation Inc

“I started the webinar not knowing anything but the goal of a feasibility study. At the end, I understood the detailed steps to conducting one.”

Laurie Milford, High Country News

“Great webinar for anyone considering a capital campaign!”

Angela Grech, Becoming Independent

“This was a great webinar, full of useful, tried and tested information.  I am looking forward to accessing the supplemental materials and feel that they will be a great asset. Thank you!”

Shawna English, Brandon University

About Your Topic Expert:

Heather is a nonprofit expert with more than 16 years of experience in leadership, program development, marketing, and fundraising. She is the founder of JustWrite Solutions, a national nonprofit consulting firm. Heather is one of fewer than 400 Grant Professionals Certified (GPC) in the United States and one of less than 50 professionals in the world who holds both the GPC and CFRE certifications. She has secured more than $80 million for nonprofits across the country.

Heather has served as an author and presenter for The Balance (formerly’s Nonprofit Charitable Orgs section), CharityChannel, CharityHowTo, CD Publications, HUB Philanthropic Solutions, and Thompson Interactive. She presents nearly every month at workshops and conferences around the country. She is the Chair of the national Grant Professionals Foundation, the Past President of the Board of Baskets of Care (Toledo-based), and the Scholarships Committee Chair for AFP Northwest Ohio. As an active member of the Grant Professionals Association, Heather serves as the editor of the GPA Weekly Grant News and regular regional and national conference presenter. She is also the founder of the Great Lakes Virtual Chapter of the GPA, the first virtual chapter in the country.

Heather lives in rural Ohio with her husband and their two ginger-haired children. Together they raise a flock of poultry and harvest bushels of vegetables and herbs on a mini-farm. In her spare time, Heather reads science fiction, researches her genetic and genealogical histories, and marathon-watches documentaries. She also knows how to juggle fire.

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