Free Nonprofit Webinar: How to Add More Revenue Streams to Your Event (Recording)

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Free Nonprofit Webinar: How to Add More Revenue Streams to Your Event (Recording)

Wouldn’t you love to find ways to raise more money at your fundraising events?  Right now you are probably doing a typical silent auction and raffle, maybe a paddle raise, but you feel like you are missing the boat when it comes to really maximizing your nonprofit's revenue streams through events.

Well, you’re in luck, because in this FREE WEBINAR RECORDING event planning expert A.J. Steinberg is going to show you how to find hidden assets and additional revenue streams for your fundraising events.

In this 45-minute FREE for nonprofits webinar recording you’ll learn:

  • How to find additional revenue hiding in your events
    • How to assign value to event elements (also known as ‘assets’)
    • How to turn event assets into revenue (i.e. logo-branded auction paddles)
    • How to sell event assets to companies and sponsors
  • How to use underwriting to boost your event profit
    • What is underwriting, and how to make it work for you
    • How to choose your underwriting offers
    • How to write underwriting proposals that sell
  • How to add revenue through entertainment at your event
    • How to choose raffles and games that will make you money
    • How to check what is legal in your state for games and raffles

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About Your Presenter:

Nonprofit event planner A.J. Steinberg has been creating outstanding special events since 1999.

In 2015 A.J. created Queen Bee Fundraising which focuses on the art of nonprofit special event management.  Along with producing nonprofit events, A.J. teaches volunteers and professionals the strategies for producing successful fundraising events, along with guidance on how to successfully lead volunteer committees to achieve their goals.

A.J. works with a broad spectrum of nonprofit clients including The Jane Goodall Institute, Cystic  Fibrosis, BreatheLA and Union Rescue Mission, A.J. is a leader in the field of committee-based fundraising.

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