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Forget the Decorations: How to Focus Your Fundraising Events on Fundraising And Raise Much More! (Instant-Access Webinar Video)

Price: 59.99
Author: Brian Saber
Duration: 75 Minutes
Course Level: Beginner
Year Created: 2018
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Too much time and not enough money from your fundraising event?
Out of control volunteers who obsess about table decorations?
Honorees who don't make a contribution and won't invite their friends?

Then it's high time you put fundraising front and center and we will show you how:

  • Plan an event that raises more money than anxiety
  • Create an event worth the time you put into it
  • Make your event pay off financially as much as possible

In this new webinar from Brian Saber of Asking Matters, you'll learn how to:

  • Develop strategic goals for your event that ensure success
  • Raise more by having clear expectations for honorees and event chairs
  • Enlist a committee that is laser-focused on asking
  • Train your staff and volunteers to ask
  • Better integrate your event into your annual fundraising plan

Don't leave money on the table at your next event. Bring it all home for your organization.

* This webinar is intended for those who have conducted special event fundraisers and have volunteers and staff with fundraising potential. It will not cover the basics of how to produce events. *

Your Bonus Materials:

  1. Sample Fundraising Event Calendar
  2. 10 Tips on Developing a Top-Notch Fundraising Event
  3. Dealing with Asking Anxiety Worksheet
  4. Sample Fundraising Event Job Descriptions
  5. THREE training exercises

As an additional bonus, you'll also receive:

The Asking Matters Guide to Selecting Prospects eBook


What Attendees Said about This Webinar

“Great knowledge in a limited time frame for a reasonable price! Excellent!”
Dave Webster, St. Martin´s Hospitality Center

“I really enjoyed listening to Brian Saber and I look forward to implementing this strategic planning into our fundraising programs”
Shannon Sebastian, Share

“Great informative ideas to share!”
Elizabeth Sobezenski, VNA Care

 Presented By Brian Saber, president of Asking Matters.  Brian has raised hundreds of millions of dollars over 25 years by personally soliciting thousands of donors, coming to understand the art of the ask in a way that few people do. Because of his remarkable experience in asking, Brian has been able to break down the process of asking to its fundamental components, making simple what for many seems daunting. He knows how to persist through his own anxieties, remembering again and again that his success as a fundraiser makes a corner of the world a better place.
Brian has worked in social service, education, and the arts, raising money for his alma mater, Brandeis University, Northwestern University Settlement, and The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation, among others. He is currently a consultant to various organizations around the country and presents, trains, and writes on fundraising and the art of the ask. Recent clients include the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the U.S. Olympics Committee, the St. Louis Planned Giving Council, the Utah Society of Fund Raisers, and the Salvation Army National Resource Development Conference.

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This product is no longer available, sorry for the inconvenience!