How To Use Twitter for your Nonprofit to Engage and Build Relationships with Followers (Recording)

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How To Use Twitter for your Nonprofit to Engage and Build Relationships with Followers (Recording)

How To Use Twitter for your Nonprofit to Engage and Build Relationships with Followers 

Does your organization want to use social media to…

  • Connect with your target audience?
  • Engage and converse with that audience?
  • Drive eyeballs and traffic to your website?
  • Encourage people to take action?

Then this 60-minute recorded webinar is for you!

Twitter’s platform offers your organization the opportunity to raise awareness about your cause, educate, advocate, interact with people and potentially expand your donor base.

Twitter’s fast-paced feed can at times be confusing and hard to navigate. But if you know how to interact with people and who to follow, your organization will have plenty of opportunities to build relationships with users.

You want to “slow the scroll” so users will notice your tweet in their feed. Whether posting content, images, pictures, videos, GIFs or memes, you want your posts to capture a user’s attention. Your goal? Build a community of people who want to learn more about your organization and become motivated to help out- whether as donors, volunteers, advocates or simply sharing your content with their network. 

This webinar recording will shine a spotlight on Twitter. If you’re not sure how to use Twitter as a fundraising and marketing tool or you’re already there but struggling to connect with users, attend this webinar and receive the knowledge and tools needed to succeed!

Bottom line: Fundraising and marketing is all about building relationships with individuals. This webinar recording will teach you how to use Twitter to do just that.

During This Nonprofit Webinar Recording, You Will Learn:

  • How to follow the accounts that will expand your network
  • How to stop me from scrolling past your post
  • How to find content to post
  • How to use hashtags to connect with new audiences
  • How to request and use User Generated Content
  • How to engage with followers and users
  • How to use images, GIFs, memes, and video to add variety to your feed and keep people’s interest in your posts
  • How to measure Twitter success… and which data points are vanity metrics
  • How to get the whole team involved in your Twitter plan

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Content ideas for Twitter posts
  2. Rules of Twitter engagement
  3. The Webinar Slides 
  4. The Webinar Recording 

About Your Topic Expert:

Ephraim is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because he:

  1. Has 2 decades of experience making sure fundraising and marketing work well together 
  2. Has worn ALL the hats from CEO on down (and like you, have worn multiple hats at the same job) 
  3. Had a track record of helping NPOs build more relationships, raise more money, serve more people and have more impact in their community

Ephraim Gopin spent almost two decades in the nonprofit sector wearing all the hats: CEO, fundraiser, alumni director, grant writer, event organizer, marketing, and communications director. This included three years as communications director for a global family foundation, transforming them into a thought leader and positioning them as a leading voice for their key advocacy issue. 

Ephraim is the founder of 1832 Communications, an agency which helps nonprofits build more relationships so they can raise more money, serve more people, and have more impact in their community. Ephraim works on all aspects of nonprofit fundraising and marketing efforts, including crafting custom strategies and plans which help nonprofits successfully upgrade their online presence, boost their email fundraising and marketing, elevate their social media engagement and improve their marketing collateral. When fundraising and marketing work together, it's a beautiful thing!   

Ephraim is the publisher of the popular daily e-newsletter Your Daily Dose of Nonprofit and the host of the Your Weekly Dose of Nonprofit podcast.

In his spare time, Ephraim is a new recipe cooker, 80s pop music master, a vocal and lifelong fan of Boston sports teams, a puzzle doer and a Looney Tunes lover. Ephraim is the proud father of three young adults, all of whom enjoy road trips with their dad but disapprove of how he takes selfies.  

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar for Nonprofit Professionals:

“This presentation was the most informative social media presentation I have ever attended. The presenter was super knowledgeable and moved fast enough to keep me on my toes, but not so fast I couldn't follow. The slides and handouts are incredibly helpful and useful. This was great!!”

Lisa Docken,  Copper River Watershed Project

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