Colleen McKenna

Colleen McKenna, principal of Intero Advisory helps individuals and organizations navigate LinkedIn to further their brand awareness, business development, and recruiting initiatives. Colleen has coached, trained and consulted with more than 7,000 professionals since early 2011 and continues to speak and write at Intero Advisory. Intero Advisory is also a LinkedIn Alliance Partner for their Talent Solutions.

As a sales professional, Colleen was fascinated with LinkedIn from the beginning and saw the potential if LinkedIn reached scale. Well, that happened and today Colleen has worked with more than 7000+ business professionals across a wide range of industries. Her personal mission is simple: to teach and empower others to empower themselves by connecting insight, opportunity and talent.

After many years in the printing and publishing industries, Colleen leveraged her experience and crafted a new understanding of how to work effectively. It's one she is passionate about sharing with others so they too can achieve professional goals.

Colleen's philosophy is simple: learn and adapt to an ever-changing landscape, everyday. Create a strategy, implement the strategy, use today's tools to be more productive, and ultimately, smarter than your competitors.

Colleen earned her M.A. in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore and a B.S. in Mass Communication from Towson University.