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The Marketing Savvy Behind Outrageously Profitable Silent Nonprofit Auctions (Instant-Access Webinar Video)

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Author: Sherry Truhlar
Duration: 90 Minutes
Course Level: Beginner
Year Created: 2018
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Instant Access! Recorded Webinar Description

A Whopping 98% of the People Who Attended This Webinar Rated It As Great to Excellent!

Is your silent auction suffering? It’s one of the most abused areas of event fundraising, yet it offers hidden profitability ... with a little TLC from you.

A survey conducted a few years ago revealed that benefit auctions offered such reliable income that fewer than 1% of development directors would discontinue the event after launching it. That said, national averages of silent auction returns aren’t that strong ... a 50% -60% return is typical.

What if your returns could be pushed to 70%, 80% or higher? What if every attendee could be persuaded to donate an additional $20 they hadn’t intended to give? Incremental gains can often make a BIG difference in the bottom line of your event. 

Webinar Outline

In this 90-minute webinar overflowing with photos from profitable (and not-so-profitable) fundraising auctions, you’ll come to understand why your silent auction is soaring or sinking.
Dig out your sale numbers from last year because as this webinar rolls along, you’ll want to have last year’s results handy to immediately apply what you’re learning.

You’ll learn:

  • The foundation for running a high performing silent auction.
  • An easy way – and the best method – of analyzing your auction’s current performance so you have a baseline for growth. (This also serves as a handy metric to showcase on your resume!)  You’ll discover if your auction is under or over-performing in comparison to its peers, and unearth what your guests are clamoring to buy ... without surveying them.
  • How to take your newly acquired data and start planning your next auction to raise more money for substantially less work.  Learn how many items you need to offer in order to reach your financial goals. 
  • How 8 corporate marketing tactics properly applied to your displays will inspire guests to bid higher.  By weaving buying psychology into your silent auction, you’ll have incremental gains of $100s to $1000s more.
  • What you shouldn’t spend any money or time doing.  One of these insights is fairly controversial, yet most nonprofits save thousands of dollars by halting this task.  Furthermore, its absence won’t impact your guest’s experience.  No one will miss it!

Enjoy these five BONUS materials with your webinar:

  1. A template to track your winning performance. (This is the statistic you’ll want to show your boss when it’s promotion time!)
  2. A checklist for the volunteer writing item descriptions. She’ll never again overlook a critical detail that guests want to know before bidding.
  3. An e-book (with photos!) showing displays done right. If you detest acrylic stands, you’ll find another option to love. If you love acrylic stands, you’ll get insights to make them more affordable.
  4. An e-book stuffed with easy but overlooked suggestions on improving your guest’s experience. This is divided into the typical guest (aged 35+) and the younger professional -- two completely different audiences with different needs.
  5. A revealing list sharing what’s wildly popular when it comes to gala themes.

What Attendees Said about This Webinar

“Even though we have been holding silent auctions at our golf tournament for 20+ years, this webinar definitely gave us MANY new ideas to improve our ROI.”
Renee Godinez, Gateway Region YMCA

“I have done auctions now for 3 years. Learned some great information today. So helpful. Her website is great as well. Thank you so much for offering this and I will be looking forward to the one's in the future as well. Very relevant.”
Kelly Emmons,  Holy Spirit Catholic

“Presenter was obviously very experienced in the topic and provided a wealth of information.”
Alexandra Kirwin, The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester

“Sherry is extremely knowledgeable, and had some fantastic ideas that I am definitely going to add to our next silent auction!”
Amanda Lutner, Chemainus Theatre

“It is great to get more of a guideline and help on how to grow our current auction and to see and understand the gaps we are falling short on for improvement. I can't wait to implement the information I just learned!”
Jennifer Lee, San Diego House Rabbit Society

" Sherry was very knowledgeable about all types of auctions and offered up experiences and examples that I could relate to.”
Mary Beth McGarrahan, Universal Preservation Hall

“A lot of great ideas that I can't wait to implement at our next Silent Auction.”
Bryon Bowlby, The Pride Center at Equality Park

“Great presenter.”
Lisa Diekmann, Bridger Ski

“Everything is explained so well and in terms I really can relate to.”
Patti Fell, The Center for Law & Social Work

Presented by Sherry Truhlar, CMP, BAS, CAI: Sherry Truhlar, founder of Red Apple Auctions, is an auction educator and award-winning benefit auctioneer who works coast-to-coast, running about 50 auctions annually, and some raising over $1 million in a single night.  As an entertaining teacher, her popular “how to design your auction” webinars, DVDs, and reports are used by thousands of planners who want to procure big ticket items, simplify volunteer management, and properly run silent auctions, raffles, and Fund a Needs.  With an eye for details, she photographs best practices on everything related to auctions.  You’ll enjoy hearing the inside story of auction management, getting the truth about what works -- and why. 

This product is no longer available, sorry for the inconvenience!