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How to Start Your Monthly Giving Program - A Step-By-Step Guide (On Demand)

Price: 59.99
Author: Erica Waasdorp
Duration: 60 Minutes
Course Level: Beginner
Year Created: 2018
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Instant Access! On Demand Tutorial Description

Click from Chapter to Chapter! Watch. Listen. Practice. Learn.

How is this premium on-demand tutorial different from live webinars or recorded webinars?

  1. When you purchase this premium on-demand tutorial you get instant online streaming access.
  2. You can click from chapter to chapter to easily navigate the tutorial. Watch. Listen. Practice. Learn
  3. This is a streamlined condensed version different from the webinar or recording and it doesn't include unnecessary dialogue that wouldn't be useful for you.
  4. This premium on-demand tutorial also includes the bonus materials, see below.

If you’re thinking about starting a monthly giving program, this premium tutorial is for you!

Imagine doubling or even tripling the amount you are raising from your current donors. Purchase this tutorial to learn the initial steps involved in starting a successful monthly donor program so you can benefit from the tremendous opportunities it can offer YOUR organization.

*** This tutorial is intended for those who do not yet have a monthly giving program and are looking for all the basic tools. If you already have a program, it will certainly provide some new ideas, but that’s not the main focus of this e-cource. ***

During This Instant Access On Demand Premium Tutorial You Will Learn:

  • How to develop a name for your program
  • How to select the best donors to ask to become monthly donors
  • How to write a simple insert to include in your thank you letter
  • How to turn complaining donors into monthly givers
  • How to include monthly giving on your web site
  • How to write an enticing email to motivate donors to join online
  • How to write a thank you letter and develop other thank you materials
  • How to present the results so your management will love the long term impact monthly donors have

This new tutorial will help YOU start a monthly giving program virtually overnight. You’ll also get several handouts, worksheets and samples to get started right away.

This on demand tutorial will demonstrate how ‘small’ donors can truly become ‘giants’ and provide ongoing recurring revenue for many years to come.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that a monthly giving program can offer your nonprofit, sign up now!

Bonus! This Online Tutorial also includes these extra downloads:

  1. 10 Tips to Awaken your Sleeping Giant: Monthly Giving
  2. Sample Letters and Complaining donors script
  3. Audit Sheet to help you evaluate your donor base and prepare projections
  4. Monthly Donor Calculator to help you prepare your own plan
  5. Guides on how to grow your program via direct mail and email

About Erica: This premium tutorial is presented by Erica Waasdorp, President of A Direct Solution and author of the recently published how-to guide on starting and growing a monthly giving program: “Monthly Giving. The Sleeping Giant.” Erica lives and breathes direct response fundraising. She says she can even be considered a Philanthropyholic. Building partnerships and trying to find the best solution for donors and her clients are what Erica does best. Her multi-lingual skills and multi-cultural experience bring added value to those clients interested in raising money internationally. And her experience in monthly giving has given her an edge for those clients who are ready to embark on this way of giving. Erica Waasdorp writes, edits and advises various direct-marketing and national and international fundraising publications. She has written a number of important articles about monthly giving, international fundraising, and fundamentals of fundraising.Erica’s first book: “Monthly giving. The Sleeping Giant” is now available as paperbook and e-book. She lives with her husband and cat Mientje on Cape Cod. She loves to read, play golf and going to the movies.

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This product is no longer available, sorry for the inconvenience!