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How To Start Your Fundraising With Little Or No Budget For Small Nonprofits (Recording)

Price: 49.99
Author: Simon Scriver
Duration: 90 Minutes
Course Level: Beginner
Year Created: 2017
CFRE Approved: 1.50 Points

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As a fundraiser, you’re the bridge between your donors, beneficiaries, co-workers, volunteers and the Board. With so much to do, and limited time and resources, how do you use your working week wisely?

Using real-world case studies and examples this webinar recording will show you step-by-step how you can jumpstart your fundraising with little or no budget. From social media to corporate fundraising, from building your network to getting the rest of your organization behind fundraising, this webinar will help you get new income streams going and while maximizing your existing income.

In this Webinar Recording you will learn:

  • How to decide what’s the right next step for your organization. Where do you start when you have limited time? How to get the balance right between corporates, individuals and everything else.

  • How to market internally: get your co-workers and volunteers to support fundraising.

  • How to capture stories to share with potential supporters, and tips to show companies and individuals the work you do.

  • What members of the public respond to - The things that matter most to your supporters don’t cost a thing - get donors giving more with little or no budget.

  • How to manage your time on social media: effectively run all of your organization’s social media accounts in less than an hour a week.

  • How to identify and build your network: find potential company and individual donors, and grow your database.

  • How to grow your corporate donors: a step-by-step guide to using LinkedIn and more to reach out to companies and get them giving.

  • What companies really want from you and how you can maximize their support.

  • How to use the telephone to connect with existing and new supporters.

You Bonus Materials:

  1. Social media schedule template: manage an effective on-line presence in an hour per week.

  2. Generic call outline and script to help get you started calling your donors.

  3. The webinar slides

What Attendees Said about This Webinar Recording:

“Exceedingly concrete and solid recommendations for small nonprofits to use in their approach."

Catherine Cummins, Children’s Assistive Technology Service

“Simon was engaging and I liked his informality, good speed of speaking and nice examples of his work.”

Lisa Taylor
Ceeds of Peace

“The subject is of great relevance to our current needs, and the content seemed well selected, realistic, and usable.”

William Goodman

“I got more than my money's worth on this webinar! Price was reasonable and information was usable!”

Laurey Maslyk, ReFIT Portland

“Simon was upbeat and engaging, and the information was presented in an easy-to-follow, logical manner that flowed nicely through the entire webinar. I was taking notes from beginning to end!”

Stacy Sage, Open Doors for Multicultural Families

“This webinar reinforced much of what I already know. It was presented very well and is worth the investment. The materials provided are really good.”

Linda Winston, Crohn´s & Colitis Foundation

About Your Topic Expert:

Simon Scriver is a professional fundraising consultant, coach, trainer, and practitioner.

Simon received Fundraising Ireland's 'Small Budget, Big Impact' award in 2016, and has previously won Supplier of the Year, Eircom's Start-up Award and the Toastmasters UK & Ireland International Speech Contest. He sits on the Advisory Panel of Rogare, the international fundraising think tank, and is a member of the Institute of Fundraising and the AFP.

Simon also offers consultancy to some of the biggest and smallest charities in Ireland and abroad. He offers advice and training to nonprofits to make their fundraising more cost-effective, speaking regularly at international conferences. He is the only person in Ireland with a CFRE, a Diploma in Fundraising and a Certificate in Fundraising.