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Free Webinar: How to Stand Out From the Crowd in Online Grant Applications (Recording)

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Author: Diane Leonard, GPC
Duration: 45 Minutes
Course Level: Beginner
Year Created: 2018
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In “How to Stand Out From the Crowd in Online Grant Applications” we address how to create a concise, compelling and competitive application for online grant application scenarios.

One of the common challenges is how to have your online application stand out in a sea of grant applications when you are all faced with the same formatting and character limiting requirements.

Key Takeaways From This Webinar Recording :

  • How to make your application stand out in an impersonal online process

  • How to grab your reviewer’s attention

  • How to use character and word counts to your advantage

  • How to create a consistent story across all your application components

This Webinar is Perfect For You If…

  • You are new or relatively new to the field of grant seeking

  • You want to increase your success percentage of funded grant applications

  • You want to craft more competitive grant applications.

Your Presenter -Grant Writing Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC

Diane H. Leonard, GPC is an experienced and highly respected grant professional who has provided grant development counsel to nonprofit organizations of varying size and scope for more than a decade.

Diane has secured more than $32 million dollars since founding DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services in 2006 in competitive grant funds for its clients from the federal government, state and local governments, and private foundations.

Diane is an active member of the Grant Professionals Association and is proud to have earned her Grant Professional Certification, a credentialed certification conferred by the Grant Professional Credential Institute. Diane is also an approved trainer through the Grant Professionals Association.


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