What Makes Your Grant Proposals Stand Out?

Just getting started in grant writing? Trying to be more competitive with the applications you submit?

There are numerous qualities that describe excellent proposals regardless of the program focus.

I believe that they can all be encompassed by these three tools:

Clarity – The goals and objectives for the project are measurable and the evaluation plan for the project is clear and outcome-based.

Concise – The answer directly answers the question. The answer does not contain irrelevant information.

Compelling –  The proposal is written in a way that leaves the reader/reviewer wanting to take action (make a grant award!) to support your idea.

While these qualities are subjective in nature, they are qualities that you should strive for in all of your funding proposals.

One of the best ways to display these qualities in your funding proposals is to develop a review team to keep you from writing in a vacuum.

My biggest recommendation is to have a trusted colleague who is not intimately familiar with the proposed program review your application to see if it is clear, concise and compelling.

In a grant seeking environment of ever tougher competition, it is imperative to provide a proposal that provides the clearest, yet most energized proposal that will excite the reader and make them want to financially support the program.

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  • How grant applications vary by funder type?
  • What are the common key elements of a grant proposal?
  • How to develop an initial outline for a grant application?
  • How to create compelling grant application elements that tells a story?

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