Make Your Case: 3 Fundamentals of Writing Your Case for Support

How do you sell your story?

You know you need to make your case—it is something you do every day. However, do you have a Case for Support? In my experience, that the Case for Support is one of the most under-used tools in the nonprofit arsenal.

Cases for support are a way for you to tell your compelling story while also providing evidence of need. Using heart-melting testimonials combined with data is powerful. Also, cases are versatile. They can be used in personal meetings with donors, like direct mail pieces, or as collateral included with a grant request to a foundation. You can tailor the design and format of a Case for Support to suit your audiences (current and potential donors), to pull people in and open the door for more in-depth conversations.

However, every Case contains the same three fundamental elements.

  1. The Purpose: Not just in $$ terms. Why does your organization exist? Alternatively, even more pointedly: what would the world look like if your nonprofit didn’t exist?
  2. The Content: This is the copy you include in the publication. It’s where you describe the why, what, how, when, and why of your Case.
  3. The Focus: Here is where you tell donors and potential donors how they can give and what types of support your organization needs (operating support, special initiative or other restricted support, capital support).

So why aren’t more nonprofits producing cases for support? Like so many things in nonprofit-land, I see people shy away from the case because they don’t think they have the time, the people, or the money to make it happen. Think again. This is one item your nonprofit simply can’t do without. At its core, the Case for Support is the cornerstone of every other fundraising publication (traditional and digital) at your organization. The Case for Support is a must-have publication for every organization, no matter the size!

Are you ready to make your Case for Support?

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