Key First Step In Grant Seeking: Effective Grant Research

There are numerous paid databases available to assist you in your grantmaker research. They can make your grant research much more efficient. Yet how do you decide which one is right for you? Or if purchasing a subscription versus utilizing library access is most effective?

The answers to these questions depend on what type of organization you are, what sort of grant projects you want to have funded, and what sort of research process and tools you have utilized in the past.

There is no one recommended tool that is the perfect solution for all grant seeking organizations.

Tools aside, here are some tips for things to consider as part of your routine for grant seeking that will make research an ongoing habit in your work as a grant professional:

  • Spending 15 minutes one afternoon each week researching new RFPs and potential funders and putting that research onto the calendar for additional follow-up and outreach in the upcoming weeks;
  • Setting aside one day each month to research, dig, and make phone calls related to potential new grant revenue sources including federal, state, and  private opportunities; and
  • Saving research as the unscheduled “filler” when an application narrative or budget is giving you particular trouble and you need to step away from what you are writing in order to give yourself some fresh perspective.

Still looking for more detailed information about grant research?

Wondering what is proactive grant seeking?

What are the options for grant research tools? How to access the tools at discounted rates or as the result of professional memberships or other partnerships?

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