Leave No Rock Unturned in Your Grant Research

Finding a needle in a haystack.

Finding a diamond in the rough.

Leaving no rock unturned.

Casting a wider net.

Once in a blue moon.

Looking for a polar bear in a snow storm.

Ignore fool’s gold.

They are all excellent idioms you can use to describe your grant research process when you are focused on expanding the list of grantmakers that you have funding relationships with.

They imply that you are looking for a rare opportunity. They acknowledge that finding the right fit for a potential new grant funding relationship between a grantmaker and your grant seeking organization are not a foregone conclusion simply because your keywords for your mission statements are aligned.

To be successful in your grant research efforts, you need to be prepared to go the extra mile to research and learn the ropes of a potential new grantmaker relationship after trusting your knee jerk reaction and gut feeling that this funder might be your diamond in the rough.

Grant research is a serious business.

It is a critical first step in grant seeking best practices to ensure that the applications and proposals you are going to spend countless hours writing will be well received by the correct funders so that you are as competitive as possible in the process.

However, I believe that acknowledging the scarcity of a great fit, not just a *good* fit, and how special new grantmaker relationships are helps to keep us grounded in our work as grant professionals.

The purpose of using idioms to describe grant research? That is to help our colleagues understand the nature of what we as grant professionals are looking for when we are researching funding opportunities and to remind *us* as the professionals that we are looking for something very special and unique.

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