Common Grant Seeking Challenges

At the start of 2016 I asked colleagues and CharityHowTo webinar participants about what their biggest challenges were for a successful grant seeking strategy in 2016.

There definitely was a theme to the challenges for 2016 that I received. Countless responses focused relationships with grantmakers. How to establish them. Who should hold them. How often to reach out. How to make them stronger.

The other common theme to the challenges shared was around capacity/grant readiness. Wondering if an application would be competitive if an organization did not have a current strategic plan in place. Working to implement a formal grant team in an organization. Working to increase the amount of pre-planning an organization did for grants prior to an RFP or NOFA opening.

There there are all the other challenges that I hear about during the CharityHowTo bonus sessions I offer with all of the grant writing premium webinars….

  • Trying to find new funders to add to an existing grant strategy when it feels like you know who *all* the grantmakers are for area;
  • Trying to establish and lead a grant team to create a stronger and more consistent grant seeking process;
  • Trying to decide if to start using grant management software, and if so, which software is the best for your organization; and
  • Trying to establish metrics for success for your personal performance goals for the year that are more than just the dollars raised and percent of proposals funded.

While the answer to grant seeking challenges always include some personal interpretation to ensure that the solution and approach are best suited for your organization, know that you are not alone in wanting to address common concerns like those I outlined above as well as others. There are best practices, solutions and tools to assist you with overcoming common grant seeking challenges in order to have a successful year!

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