Thank you for attending the webinar and thank you for your participation!  You can find the bonus materials from the webinar below.

Here are the slides from Move the Needle. Please allow a few minutes for the slides to load

  1. 6 Twitter Tips for Nonprofits and Change-Makers– A series of tips to help your nonprofit use Twitter more strategically
  2. 12 Steps To Mobilize Your Cause – Summary of all the action items you need to conduct a successful campaign.
  3. 12 Social Action Hubs – Selectively plug into some of these online communities and crowdsource platforms to promote a social cause.
  4. 40 Hashtags For Social Good – Use these Twitter hashtags as you tweet for your cause to gain wider visibility and viral help from the community.
  5. A Mobile Activism User’s Guide — A 16-page guide introducing you to the world of mobile activism and showing you how you can take your organization mobile.


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