5 Tips To Knock Your Grant Reviewer’s Socks Off

As grant professionals, we rarely know exactly who will be the reviewers of the grant proposals we have toiled over for hours and hours.

We assume that they have some subject matter expertise, but are unsure whether they possess a Ph.D. in the subject or are self-taught and a passionate volunteer.

We assume that they have received some training from the grantmaker related to what they are looking for in a proposal, but are unsure as to if this is their first time as a reviewer or if they are a seasoned grant reviewer.

We assume that they are excited to help review and recommend proposals that will help move the grantmaker’s mission or policy goals forward, but we are unsure about what their personal understanding of different methods to achieve the mission or goals may be.

With so much uncertainty and room for assumptions to be made about the reviewers of our hard work, how can we as grant professionals consistently wow our grant application reviewers? In fact, how can we be sure that we are knocking their socks off?

Here are 5 tips for “knocking your grant reviewer’s socks off:”

  1. Create a consistent story across all grant application elements.
  2. Write in a way that is concise and compelling in order to be competitive.
  3. Write using language that reflects the language you read in the grantmaker’s materials, request for proposals, etc.
  4. Avoid industry jargon and acronyms.
  5. Synthesize complicated data or information to help reviewers quickly understand – when allowed look to use infographics, custom charts, etc.

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