The All-In-One Google Grants Service For Your Nonprofit

  • Setup fee only: $75.00 (regular value is $500)
  • $300 per month, first month free!
  • No Obligation Cancel at Any Time
  • Service Provider: ConnectAd
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Why should you sign up for the All-In-One Google Grants service for your nonprofit? When using Google grants the average nonprofit only realizes a benefit of $550 per month.  Conversely, when using ConnectAd’s all-in-one Google grants service the average nonprofit realizes a monthly gain of $6200.

Google Grants gives eligible nonprofits $10,000 per month ($120,000 per year) in free online advertising to promote their organizations and causes on However, the majority of nonprofits don’t have the time, energy, capacity, or in-house expertise to properly utilize the Google Grants program and all the free advertising provided. This is why our partner, ConnectAd, is the one-stop shop for any nonprofit’s Google Grants needs.

ConnectAd (a CharityHowTo Partner) offers an All-In-One Google Grants service that will get you more than your money’s worth. They will guide you through your Google Grants application, create one landing page designed for supporters to take action (i.e. enter email, volunteer, donate, subscribe) on your website, and provide monthly ad campaign management. ConnectAd has the time, expertise, and resources to take the burden of managing and growing your Google Grants AdWords campaigns right off your shoulders.

Sign up right now and get the first months management fee for free.Just a simple one-time setup fee of only $75 (regular value is $500) and a recurring monthly management fee of only $300 after the first month.  


No Obligation Cancel at Any Time, Sign up Now!

 Nonprofits who choose to do this themselves use only $650 of the $10,000 monthly ad funding while nonprofits who use ConnectAd see $6,500 of the $10,000 on average every month.

 Still need more convincing? Just take a look at the sample case below!

“ConnectAd simplified the whole process and got us a Google Grant. Now that ConnectAd is managing our grant, in just two months we are already benefiting from $9,000 of free online advertising per month.”

 – Charlene Ragin

Marketing and Communications Coordinator,
Lymphoma Foundation Canada

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Managing In-House vs. ConnectAd’s Service:

Sample Case:




Max. Grant Funding/Month



Avg. Amount of Funding Utilized by the Nonprofit/Month



Value of New Emails/Month



Total Monthly Benefit




One-Time Set up Cost

4 – 10 hours

$75 (regularly $500)

Maintenance Cost/Month

4 hours


Total Monthly Cost




Total Monthly Gain





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